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Arramow Northern Lights

Maddy is liver and white. She is a very active young lady and spends her life running rings around all of the others and anyone else who stands still for long enough! However, at the end of the day she enjoys relaxing on the sofa - for about 2 minutes at a time! She is a natural show off and really enjoys confirmation showing and has done quite well for herself.

Maddy's results include -
2nd Puppy Bitch Ladies Kennel Association 2002 (Joan Palmer)
1st Junior Bitch 2003 (Roly Cross)
1st Post Graduate Bitch Ladies Kennel Association 2003 (Sandy Hall)
2nd Special Yearling Bitch Manchester 2004 (Christine Savell)
BPIB Retford Canine Society 2003 (open) (Mark Pooley)
BPIB Leicester City Canine Society 2003 (open) Roy Garner)