Soft Sotherner is "THE MARRA AT THE MATCH"

This week we have a Reserve , Reserve reporter. The Lady of the Lens " Steph" , makes her debut as this weeks Marra at the match. (she's also a southerner but not so soft)

I met up with Softie, Jonno and Gibbo in Bar Oz. A guy came across and introduced himself as Cliff from the bbs. He recognised us from photos on Rik's page - our fame is spreading!

As it was a Thursday, Jon had to work late so the four of us got the Metro to Kingston Park. I should have known it was going to be one of those nights when I slipped and fell into some mud just outside the Metro station! We followed the crowd through a housing estate and arrived at KP just before kick-off. First thing we noticed was that there weren't a lot of people there . Not too surprising as the wind was coming straight off the North Pole!

Our team lined up as:

1.Peter Keen

2.Stuart Elliott (hard man in short sleeves)

3.Stuart Pearce (see above!)

4.David Beharall

5.Phillipe Albert (told you he follows us around!)

6.Digger Barnes

7.Jamie McClen

8.Des Hamilton

9.Paul Dalglish

10.Temuri Ketsbaia

11.Alessandro Pistone (can he last 90 minutes without getting injured??)

Jamie McClen

This was the first time we had lined up against Premiership opposition and Boro had a few first team players in their squad, including Vladimir Kinder and Phil Stamp (who is incredibly ugly!).

From the start the wind was controlling the ball more than the players were! However, Kets was managing to stay on his feet and scored from a Pistone cross after about 10 minutes. Pistone looked OK seeing as this was the first game he had played for yonks. It couldn't last tho' and after about half an hour he went off with some kind of strain and was replaced by Paul Arnison.

Half-time and we were in the lead. We all trooped into the clubhouse to get warm and had great difficulty dragging ourselves out again for the second half. We spotted KD and Terry Mac in the stands and Ruud very sensibly lurking in the press box out of the wind! We were concentrating more on trying to keep warm than on the game so we didn't notice.


Boro had equalised until it came over the now not-so-quiet Tannoy. Jonno then caused a hat-less glove-less Gibbo to panic when he assured him that if the score stayed level we would go to extra time and penalties!

 The lads were now attacking our end so Softie, Jonno and Gibbo moved behind the goal. Paul Dalglish was making some lovely runs down the right wing but nothing came of them. We got a couple of corners - why do they insist on taking short corners with 2 men? Surely we need all the players in the box? Anyway, Boro scored again a few minutes from time so that was that. Out of the Cup but still unbeaten in the league.

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And Finally , The curse of Steph,

I noticed recently that Steph has had her picture taken with a number of Newcastle United players. Or should that be EX Newcastle players. As soon as she gets the photo taken , they are dropped and soon sold off. Here is my Collection so far.

Daveed Ginola off to Spurs a few weeks after this was taken.

Phillipe is going on loan to Fulham.

Steph  and Paul Dalglish. Heees DOOMED!

So a word of warning, If you are a Newcastle United player and want to stay on Tyneside. STAY AWAY FROM STEPH.

And Steph, please, please, please, don't try and get a picture taken next to either of our two young goalies that I know you fancy! Pick on Perez or Anderson will yer?