The Stadium of LIGHT???The all new, Stadium of Liiiiight.

Thieves broke into the Stadium of S***e trophy room last night and stole the entire contents. Police are looking for a 50 foot red and white stripy carpet.

To pay for the extra 6,000 seats Sunderland PLC are again selling Bricks which can be inscribed with a fans name and message. So far 17 bricks have been sold which is rather fewer than was anticipated. I have been asked to try to help out. So If you want a BRICK, then fFill in the form, if you want to send the club £25 you must be a right plonker. ... or a makem.

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Bobby .... Singapore mag ... Paul  Patterson.......  JEDPhil from Washington ... Pete Elkin ....  Winston CodogoMick the mackem mauler... Allen Branley ...  Frank Simms ...  Les fudinandoLee Clarke ....  Ald Geordie .... It's a factRuud Gullit ... Geordie wan kenobi ... Lionel Perez .. milner @york uniFrom, RIK..... Phil Bright .... Tony Adams

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