The Weekly Soccer Quiz


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Weekly Quiz November 29th- Dec ?


The weekly soccer Quiz

Each week we will be having a quiz, to see who is the cleverest Toon fan in the world, the quiz will run from monday- Saturday each week. i shall do the results on Sunday and post the winners list on this page, if Enough people take part I might even get round to giving some prizes out.

I have had and still have a trivia quiz on this site, this will run in conjunction to the other Quiz.

 last weeks full marks go to KIWI TOON , DOUGAL, JUGGER and SCRATCHY, lots (over10) got just one wrong, so I will have to toughen it up a bit.

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Select one answer to each of the 10 soccer questions before you select questions.

Question 1

Who was the top scorer in Euro 96?

Jurgen Klinsman

Patrick Berger

Alan Shearer

Question 2

How much did we Sell Ruel fox TO Spurs for?

£3 million

£4.2 Million

£4.8 million

Question 3

Who Plays in the Pulse Stadium?




Question 4

Who was the captain of the 192 F A cup winning team?

Joe Harvey

Frank Brennan

Jackie Milburn

Question 5

Bobby Robson was at which club when he first played for England

Newcastle United

West Brom


Question 6

What is Ruel Fox's Middle name?




Question 7

Bobby Charltons last League apearance was at whose ground?

Man United's



Question 8

Who scored the winning goal in the 78 European cup final?

Kevin Keegan

Kenny Dalglish

Peter Beardsley 

Question 9

Which Former Newcastle United player Sung solo on T.O.T Pops?




Question 10

Who Won The Euopean Super cup in 1984?



A C Milan 

Tie breaker, Who was Newcastle Irish keeper in 1957?

Finally any general comments for Rik, regarding life the universe or anything?

 Now press To forward this to RIK , remember its a new quiz every week ands one of these days I will be dishing out a big prize !

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