Fri 15 Oct v Addlestone (H)

Mon 4 Oct v Hampton (A)

Mon 25 Oct v Wimbledon B (A)

Thu 28 Oct v Hammersmith (A)

Fri 22 Oct v Harrow B (H)

Mon 8 Nov v Kingston C (A)

Fri 26 Nov v Maidenhead A (H)

Fri 29 Oct v Ealing B (H)

Fri 26 Nov v Wimbledon C (H)

Fri 7 Jan v Richmond B (H)

Fri 5 Nov v Hayes B (H)

Mon 6 Dec v Meadhurst (A)

Thu 20 Jan v Harrow A (A)

Fri 19 Nov v Kingston B (H)

Fri 10 Dec v Hounslow B (H)

Mon 31 Jan v Addlestone (A)

Thu 2 Dec v Richmond C (A)

Fri 17 Dec v Maidenhead B (H)

Fri 4 Feb v British Airways (H)

Mon 20 Dec v Staines A (A)

Fri 4 Feb v Kingston C (H)

Fri 18 Feb v Hounslow A (H)

Fri 28 Jan v Hampton (H)

Tue 22 Feb v Maidenhead B (A)

Tue 29 Feb v British Airways (A)

Mon 21 Feb v Hayes B (A)

Fri 3 Mar v Wimbledon B (H)

Fri 10 Mar v Harmmersmith (H)

Thu 16 Mar v Ealing B (A)

Mon 13 Mar v Wimbledon C (A)

Mon 20 Mar v Hounslow A (A)

Fri 24 Mar v Richmond C (H)

Fri 31 Mar v Meadhurst (H)

Thu 13 Apr v Richmond B (A)

Fri 7 Apr v Staines A (H)

Mon 10 Apr v Hounslow B (A)

Tue 18 Apr v Maidenhead A (A)

Mon 17 Apr v Kingston B (A)

Fri 28 Apr v Harrow A (H)

Thu 27 Apr v Harrow B (A)


Fri 1 Oct v Hayes (H)

All matches start at 7.30. Time Limit: 30 moves in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Unfinished games: either player may play on at opponent's club (player to move seals his next move), otherwise the game is submitted for adjudication.

Please make a note of your team's dates in your diary and try to make yourself available for as many as you can, especially away matches! As we are only running three teams this year, players who are not prepared to play in away matches in term time will NOT be selected for home matches! If you cannot play in a match please let either Richard James or your Match Captain know as soon as possible.


Richard James, 95 Lyndhurst Avenue, Whitton, Twickenham TW2 6BH (898 1190

Match Captains:

TVA: Stephen Mooring, 65 Lincoln Avenue, Twickenham TW2 6NH (893 8003

TVB: Volunteer required. Enquiries to Richard James until further notice.

TVC: Volunteer required. Enquiries to Richard James until further notice.


Richmond Juniors: ETNA Community Centre, 13 Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham
Addlestone: Community Centre, Station Road (near Garfield Road, towards junction with A318), Addlestone
British Airways: Concorde Club, Crane Lodge Road, Cranford
Ealing: Hanwell Harvester, Boston Road (corner of Haslemere Avenue), W7
Hammersmith: Grange Community Hall, North End Crescent, W14
Hampton: The White Hart, High Street, Hampton
Harrow: Victoria Hall, Sheepcote Road, Harrow
Hayes: St Claret's Club, Botwell Lane, Hayes (next to Botwell Social Centre)
Hounslow: The Lord Palmerston, Staines Road (corner of Hibernia Road) Hounslow
Kingston: Quaker Hall, Eden Street, Kingston
Maidenhead: Maidenhead Library: St Ives Road, Maidenhead
Meadhurst: Meadhurst Club, Groveley Road (corner of Cadbury Road), Sunbury-on-Thames
Richmond: London Welsh Rugby Club, Kew Road, Richmond
Staines: Ex-Services Men's Club, Laleham Road (opposite Gresham Road), Staines
Wimbledon: William Morris Meeting Rooms, 267 Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 (Press 2756 then button below to enter)


David M Edwards
Richard James
Nick Kingston-Smith
Shanker Menon
Ross Mooring
Ross Rattray
Murugan Thiruchelvam
Alex Trifunovic


Ben Chamberlain
Chetan Deva
Geraint Edwards
Ross Mooring
Thomas Nixon
Jonathan Somekh
Michael Zoubaida


Peter Alexander
Harry Angus
Jameel Aslam
David Bates
Harriet Bates
Ruth Bates (A)
Liam Bayly (B)
Geoff Berry
Giles Berry
Ray Cannon (A)
Richard Cannon (A)
Richard Charlton
Alexei Chernikov
Anton Chernikov
Sagar Deva
Jay Dienn
Matthew Dodd
Philip Dodd
Thomas Dougherty (A)
Michael Duggan (A)
David N Edwards
Harry Godfrey
James Goldsmith
Michael Healey
David Heaton
Robert Heaton
Sujit Kapadia (B)
Kasim Khorasanee
Chris Kreuzer
Edward Leung
Markus Ljunghammar
Nicholas Moon
Stephen Mooring
Robin Morris
Donny Muter (B)
Philippe Naylor
Anna Partington
Manuel Penfornis
Rui Penfornis
Luke Pettit
Trevor Pettit
Eric Pollitt
Marc Pollitt
Iyampillai Poobalasingam
Peter Poobalasingam
Doug Porter
James Porter
Robert Porter
Roland Rattray
J Douglas Robinson
James E Robinson
Timothy Robinson
Lakshman Ruthirapathy
Timothy Seymour
Paul Seymour
Robert Skinner
James Snowden
Mark Snowden
Ron Somekh
Abe Swersky
Adam Swersky
Alison Swersky
Cedo Trifunovic
James Wingfield
Paul Wingfield
Timothy Woodward (A)
Jamie Yardley
David Zoubaida
Jonathan Zoubaida
Solomon Zoubaida
N.B. Some of these players are strong enough to be nominated but did not play last season and/or are unlikely to play this season.
The letter in brackets after their name indicates the lowest team for which their playing strength is suitable. Should they play for us this season we will not ask them to play for lower teams without asking the League Secretary's permission in advance.