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Research names:

  • Henry of Broadoak

  • Wycherley of Clive & Wycherley

  • Brookes of Whitchurch, Broughall, Doddington & Steeple Aston

  • Vawdrey of Tushingham

  • Lee of Stoke Bruerne & Malpas

Direct Line to Old King Cole (Coel Godebog)
Direct Line to The Welsh Kings (Rhodri Mawr et al)
Direct Line to Sir Piers Warburton (Knight of The Thistle)
Direct Line to Edward Plantagenet (Longshanks) King Edward I of England
Direct Line to The Fiennes Family
Relationship to Captain Bernard Armitage Warburton Lee V.C.
The Vawdreys Meet The Brookes


Be Your Own Grand-Father (A Real Example)

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