I don't think it is a good idea for artists to explain their work too much. But, I want to set out my ideas; what led me to choose sculpture as a means of expressing myself and what I require from my effort. So I am over explaining!

All my sculptures and drawings are about change. Why we think and do one thing one day and think and do something else the next; why we change our minds and pursue ideas. Over the last few years I have been collecting my thoughts on change and have now come to the start of a conclusion; It isn't a theory in the true sense of the word, but I'm going to call it that.

I have called the conclusion to the theory of change Acceptance (the willingness of mankind to receive and take on board everything that comes his way).

There are very many facets to the acceptance theory. At the moment I am exploring a single face, The Senses. There are to be nine sculptures and nine automatic drawings. The automatic drawings are after the Dutch artist Arnulf Rainer; what I like about him is, the idea he gave me, to literally scribble while and after meditating (I've included the meditation notes) on a particular subject. This is a little like the Surrealists "automatic writing", which consists of writing down as quickly as possible, without revision or control by reason, everything that passes through the mind when the writer has been able to detach himself sufficiently from the world outside. So, by Scribbling "randomly" I must be influencing the creation of a so called random pattern, this method is not influenced by language construction, mental pictures created by words and word association football. The "feeling" of the subject is projected through the automatic drawing, for me to see and use. I use this as my "idea's sketch" for the sculpture in question. It suits me well, because my natural style for writing and drawing when I am thinking is messy, which is why I like to type.

This exhibition is like a book.The drawings are the text and represent a chapter with it's title and page number. The sculptures are the illustrations. The meditation notes are only included in this virtual gallery to help the lay person understand.

My work is not commercial. I follow the Surrealist's second manifesto!

891 The Pathway Meditation
Who are the people who interpret correctly or incorrectly the continual flow of ideas and challenges. why do we let others form opinions for us? who controls the intellectual, the revolutionary and the madman. There is we are told a nature of things and it has a pattern in time. To let things be as they be. The more we let others form opinions for us, the less able we are of forming our own.

872 Heros Meditation
Is not man, is not woman, is not car, is not toy, it represents idolatry and the hidden power of the opposite gender within ourselves. It inquires why we put male or female labels on inanimate objects. It is easier to be blind rather than see. Minority groups are singled out by the Majority. The Majority likes labeling especially when it is labeled "modern". Coming into contact with intellectual concepts and dreams.

813 Word Bent Meditation
Trying to distinguish the real course of things, from the dreams, fancies and realizations. What ever we are acquainted with must be something. Fiction turns to reality. We Challenge ourselves to solve problems.... the challenge is to see the problem solved. The layman is guided by the experts. There is no positive state of mind that can be described as incorrect knowledge by acquaintance.

944 Cold Tongue Meditation
Going beyond wisdom, knowledge and charity. A calculated act of goodness or badness for one's own benefit. Often the easy way out. By what we do and what we think today, we are designing our future. Subsequent to the initial idea, an opinion forms. A calculated act of goodness to others will only benefit the recipient of the act. To benefit ourselves one's act must be an automatic reaction. Carrying a cross - self sacrifice - Christ's warriors.

455 Blindfold Meditation
A sequential set of events, that act as a "domino effect" or a "catalyst" upon each other. It is not out of control, but under it's own control. Debate.

846 Fabian Meditation
The interconnecting of events and the flow or progression of these events, are influenced by what has gone before. Each generation has it's own perception of the past and the future; the past and the future being connected by that person within himself. The perception will vary depending where that person is in history and their station, intelligence, sex, etc., so historical values, morals, even ideas can not be weighed equally with our own now, or even future hypothetical values. So one can not condemn or even make judgment, on an historical value based on our current values. It is historical events and the flow and the interconnecting, the traveling caravan of events etc...... that changes our now. Or, if you like - we are not really in control of what we think now, only of what we think in the future.

937 Harvard Man Meditation
Illustrating the power of the brain, what the mind can conceive can become a reality. It is easier to accept a complicated principal than it is to think about it. It is more difficult to form an opinion of a principal than react on it. The knowledge seeker does not accept an issue, so he may be seen as being a pioneer and attract a following. Life is very fragile, we do not protect it, often we do not value it.

968 Understanding Summer Thoughts Meditation
The understanding of life, truth and choice makes change. We can not blame others for thinking what they do, because they are not really free to choose between the alternatives. What people need is imagination and the ability to be unselfish.

889 Acceptance Meditation
Over exposure, the easy way out. Expresses, puts into perspective and brings together the facts that explain ultimately, why man is heading in the direction that he inexorably is. An interpretation of thought, correct or incorrect. Man has the capacity to change society by changing himself, he changes himself by accepting the thought.