One of the best training sites I've ever seen.

This is the first site I have found that has really been any help. Your work has a sense of inclusivity and completeness not found in many other writers. Lots of great ideas for anyone interested in experiential education. I liked all the possibilities presented here ... Thank you!!! This was just what I was looking for!
It is an amazing site ... there are so many practical suggestions and tips provided here. Roger Greenaway's free online guide to
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Just wanted to let you know your site is awesome. It has been extremely helpful with our "Train the Trainer" program.
A refresher. Creative ideas. Practical for those with a 'yearning for learning'. The content has really lured me into becoming a daily visitor to your site. Thanks. Found your site by accident and found it fascinating! I like the way you look at everything and then return to what is simple, effective and memorable. It is fabulous. What you say really hits home.

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What clients say

What clients say about Roger's trainer-training workshops about active learning ... "We have found Roger a great partner to work with committed to exceeding expectations, and flexible enough to really tailor the content of his programs..."

[China and Japan]

"Your techniques are still working wonders for us on the job with what occasionally seem to be miraculous results. Thank you still." (3 months on)

[South Africa]

"... went down so well with the staff that we asked Roger to run a second training event for us"
(and then a third!)