Sound Description Format Time Size
Bimbo Her character's apparel in I Know What you did Last Summer. Wav 26.8s 145KB
Bradysong Sarah sings a tune. Wav 35.33s 191KB
Bugah !!Bugah!! Wav 0.55s 7KB
Cleavage Talks about her sex appeal in I Know what You Did Last Summer. Wav 20.48s 111KB
CrowdReply Replying to comment from the crowd. Wav 3.02s 33KB
Enjoy Why people enjoy horror. Wav 9.17s 207KB
Hair Problem with her hair. Wav 3.67s 40KB
Hello Sarah says hello. Wav 1.52s 33KB
Horror Why she loves horror. Wav 10.73 232KB
JrHigh High school experiences. Wav 19.48s 210KB
Makeup Talks about putting makeup on. Wav 22.64s 243KB
Martarts About her physical activities. Wav 4.88s 26KB
Scaredme Her thoughts on the hook in IKWYDLS. Wav 4.28s 93KB


Video Description Format Time Size
Buffy01 Buffy first meets Xander Avi 17.33 762KB
Kick Sarah does a kick. Avi 4.52s 327KB
Leno She screams. Mov 6s 888KB
Letgonow Sarah does a matial arts hold. Avi 17.16 693KB
Scream2talk Interview at Scream2 premiere. Mov 19s 1.12MB
Thesitch Buffy first meets Giles. Avi 47.44s 1.20MB
Vanilla1 Sarah on the set of Simply Irresistible. Mov 10s 735KB

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