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Date Event
16/9/99 Gallery 6 added with more pictures, and an Anagram page put up.
09/9/99 A Guestbook has been made so please leave your comments. Now the animated buttons load quickly. Reached 1000 visitors!
21/8/99 My own Top 50 list has been added that is ranked by quality and my site is now listed on altavista and infoseek. Filmography has changed with new review and ratings system. Fade effect disposed of.
13/8/99 New fade effect added, and front page has been changed as well as first award given out. Also I have won another new award.
02/8/99 The buttons have become animated, they just take a while to load. You can now try and win an award for your site, and the filmography has been slightly updated.
23/7/99 The site has been upgraded to use frames to improve navigation, and I have changed the buttons to a new design as well.
12/7/99 Another award has been added along with another new link on the links page. Please remember to vote for me on the top 100 too.
04/7/99 The site awards have been moved from the links page to their own new awards page. Also another award from Ultimate SMG has been added and all are framed. This page is new too!

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