Alfie Turnbull: Andrew Smith


Alfie first appeared in episode 10 of the 1993 series of Byker Grove. He was first seen with Ed when they were both involved in a go-karting competition where Dalewas the driver. However, sabotage from a jealous Barney & Frew caused the go-kart to fall apart just before the finish line.

Around episode 15/16 Alfie's twin-sister Anna was introduced and we learned that their father, Peter was remarrying and the family bought the Dobson's house.

In 1994 Alfie and Anna moved into the Dobson's house. It soon became apparent that relations between Alfie and Anna and their step-mother-to-be Jean, and step-sister-to-be Flora would be tense. Anna totally resented her father's remarriage and utterly rejected Jean. Alfie was less hostile to the remarriage though he remained loyal to his sister. Flora also resented the marriage and wanted to live with her father, Tony, rejecting Peter and therefore incurring Anna's wrath.

A truce between the three was called as they desperately tried to end the marriage; Flora interrupted the honeymoon and Anna and Alife staged a wild-party at their new home with the aim of wrecking it. However, the attempt failed and relations in the family improved.

Dale becomes the mysterious letter writer who is writing to Uncle Ron at the Byker Post, about problems his fellow Grovers are experiencing. Eventually, tracked down by Alfie he promises to stop writing the letters.

Alfie then joined Gary's Grove Patrol Group shortly before he, Anna and Flora went to Kleethorpes Holiday Camp. There Alfie met Karen who traced him back to Newcastle in episode 20 of 1994.

In 1996 Alfie embarked on a career as a comedy-writer, started when Frew needed a suitable best-man speech for Gary and and Angel's wedding. Alfie provided the speech and he and Frew embarked on a joint venture, performing twice at the comedy club.

Alfie also became the editor for the Grove's Internet Magazine, as Geoff felt sure Alfie could handle the responsibiltity and wouldn't abuse his position. However, the magazine soon became offensive to the Grove's female patrons when Alfie included a section on top-less models he'd downloaded from the Net. The situation increased in tension when Jack asked young Terraise embarrassing questions.

Alfie, and his friends were then forced to strip off in front of the girls to teach them a lesson!

Alfie and Ed provided an entertaining comedy duo in 1996, especially the time when they went for a driving lesson with Alfie's dad and Alfie accidentally ran over Ed. Ed's condition was not serious, but Ed decided to milk the situation for all it was worth and he had Alfie run around for him everywhere. Alfie soon discovered Ed's paralysis was fake and forced him to admit it by leaving him supposedly helpless on the bay.

Alfie soon forgave his best mate after they went on a camping trip with Alfie's dad and they were soon back into trouble after Jack and Philip found the alcohol they'd hidden ready for the party in the "Kids Only Room".

In 1997, Alfie became the organiser of the Pool Competition which Alfie entitled "The Night of a thousand balls", with Ed as the "Deputy event organiser". Alfie successfully won the sponsorship of the Toon Pizza restaurant for the event and even embarked on a career as a waiter there until he was seemingly dismissed for removing all the labels on the tinned products so that Ed could use them for his new entering competitons hobby.

Ed's interest in competitons led Alfie and the others to enter "The spacer race" soft drink competiton allowing Alfie to spend some time with Leanne who'd recently joined the Grove.

Alfie and Leanne's relationship soon blossomed although it was hindered by the fact Leanne wanted their relationship to remain secret so that Brigid wouldn't find out and get upset because of her troubles with Rob and her general mistrust of everyone around her.

However, Alfie found it difficult to hide his feelings for Leanne when she was around so that the other lads became suspicious but believed that Alfie was too shy to do anything about Leanne, not knowing they were already going out. Alfie couldn't resist a macho boast so he elaborated on the things he and Leanne had got up to whilst Brigid was overhearing, leading her to believe that Alfie had raped Leanne.

Brigid then told everyone what she believed had happened and Alfie was forced to stay away from the Grove and school, and was even questioned by Sian. Ed, however stuck by his friend and insisted Alfie went and sorted things out with Leanne. The situation was then resolved and Alfie admitted that he and Leanne hadn't actually done anything.

Alfie then, eager to make ammends with Brigid and eager to prove his sensitivity to Leanne arranged a party at the Grove for Brigid to celebrate her coming home from holiday. However, his tactless tongue and ill advised tongue actually served to annoy Leanne and further alienate Brigid.

Alfie and Ed's long friendship came to an end in episode 11 after Ed decided that he no longer wanted to come to the Grove and had joined as a volunteer at the local city farm, the pair said they final goodbyes during the sleepover.

Alfie's quick tongue soon got him in another fix and he became committed to write a community play for the Byker Theatre. After numerous drafts, Alfie decided to base his play on his hero, Kevin Keegan where he played Kevin, Leanne was his wife and Jack was the narrator. The play was a huge success, but Alfie and his family returned home to discover that Flora had left home.

Alfie and Leanne's relationship became threatened after Alfie's family planned to move to Manchester (the reason Flora left home). Leanne suddenly became indifferent to Alfie and it was only after he'd spoken to Marion, the Grove's new counsellor that he realised the reason for Leanne's annoyance was that Alfie hadn't told her he'd miss her when he went to Manchester.

It was later revealed that Flora was suffering from a Brain Tumor and Alfie was given the hard task by Flora of arranging her Funeral party at the Grove.

Alfie and Leanne celebrated their 3-month annivesary by holding a romantic picnic at the bay, only to be disturbed by Ollie and the rest of Network O who were looking for their mysterious Internet contact "Trooper John".