Anna Turnbull: Claire Graham


Anna first appeared in the last half of the 1993 series. Anna was introduced as Alfie's twin sister and we learned that their father, Peter was remarrying and the family bought the Dobson's house.

In 1994 Alfie and Anna moved into the Dobson's house. It soon became apparent that relations between Alfie and Anna and their step-mother-to-be Jean, and step-sister-to-be Flora would be tense. Anna totally resented her father's remarriage and utterly rejected Jean. Alfie was less hostile to the remarriage though he remained loyal to his sister. Flora also resented the marriage and wanted to live with her father, Tony, rejecting Peter and therefore incurring Anna's wrath.

A truce between the three was called as they desperately tried to end the marriage; Flora interrupted the honeymoon and Anna and Alife staged a wild-party at their new home with the aim of wrecking it. However, the attempt failed and relations in the family improved.

Anna and Marie, fancying their chances as fashion consultants took over Dale's "Dream Teen" entry, following an advertisement in a teen magazine. Anna and Marie forcefully took over as his manages under the threat that if he didn't accept them, they would reveal all about Uncle Ron. Then they decided that Dale was unsuitable to win, and they persuaded Duncan to take over as his brother.

Anna, Alife and Flora went to Kleethorpes Holiday Camp in episode 18 of 1994. Anna who became unduly concerned over the hold another girl at the camp, Karen, seemed to have over her brother did her utmost to ensure Flora won the competition and it became evident that Anna had accepted Flora as her "sister".

Anna proved her new loyalty towards Flora in 1995 when she supported Flora through her time of troubles caused by Ashley.

In 1996 Anna helped Flora prove Barney's innocence alhough she was ciritical of the way Flora took Frew to see Barney before they'd fully resolved their differences.

Arounf episode 13 Anna met Mat who's come to stay at Lou Gallagher's foster home until he'd finished his A-levels. Anna soon fell in love with Mat, unknowing that he was really exploiting her good nature to seek comfort in his troubles. Mat's ethnic origin caused tension between Anna and the other grovers and her step-mother, particularly after the Grove was the target of a racial attack.

Anna fiercly stuck by Mat, until he revealed that the leader of the gang who was after him, was the brother of a girl, Michelle, Mat had got pregant and abandoned. Anna condemned Mat for his actions, disreagarding all his protests and explanations, although she relented after he was seriously attacked by the "Racists".

Mat, revealed his situation to Anna and explained that he hadn't wanted to leave Michelle, but he no choice. He decided to resolve the situation with her, but told Anna he still cared for her.

Anna later became one of the Eternal sisters in the Stars in Your Eyes night at the Grove in episode 20.

Anna's part in the 1997 series was unfortunately limited as Claire Graham had other commitments. However, Anna still found time for a joke and collaborated with Flora to create the "Little Treasures" prank on Jack, Terraise and Phillip,

Unlike Flora or Alfie, Anna was happy for her family to move to Manchester and arranged a College place for herself. Anna's intense sense of family loyalty was again shown after it was intitally suspected that the cause of Flora's epeleptic fit was Ecstasy. Anna launched an unjust attack on Terry whom she blamed until it was discovered that Flora had a brain tumor.

Anna again supported her sister in her time of troubles and it was at the hospital Anna met Dean who was also a cancer patient.

Currently, I don't know if Claire Graham will be appearing in the planned series 10 of Byker Grove so if you have any information please contact me.