Carl: Peter Eke

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Carl appeared in the 1990 series of Byker Grove and made an appearance in the first episodes of 1991.

Carl was basically a trouble-maker at the Grove, bullying Winston and Duncan - who owed Carl money he'd spent on the Fruit Machines. Carl lived in the squat near Gill and Julie. Carl hated Gill and was always trying to cause trouble for him - he even planted a stolen video on him!

When Carl heard of Gill and Winston's joy-ride and the subsequent accident, he decided to blackmail Gill - either he paid him 20 a week or he'd inform the Police. It was Carl's blackmail coupled with his unhappiness at losing Julie that prompted Gill to steal the car that resulted in his death.

Carl tried to make amends in 1991 for his actions and offered a sympathetic ear to greiving Julie. Carl left in 1991 to join the Army.