Charley (Marilyn Charlton): Michelle Charles

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Charley first appeared in the 1990 series of Byker Grove and left after episode 1 of the 1992 series, although the character did make one further appearance.

Charley originally belonged to the Denton Burns Youth Club, but switched to Byker Grove after she split up with boyfriend Greg. She soon became friends with like-minded Hayley, who like Charley had musical aspirations. She also made a heavy impact on the male population of the Grove, including part-time helper, Dexter Dutton who recognised Charley's singing potential.

Charley and Hayley are introduced to Steve Rattega, local medallion man who offers them a recording contract after hearing their competition entry. They soon find joy and heartbreak combined as they persue their musical dreams, only to be decieved by Steve Rattega, who steals Charley's dreams of world fame.

Charley also falls for Robert although their interests are world apart as Robert struggles to walk again after a serious footballing accident. Their relationship develops, although Speedy disapproves of the amount of time Robert is spending with Charley.

In 1991, however Speedy's opinion of Charley changes and he becomes utterly obsessed with Charley who, like Robert is unaware. Robert and Charley's relationship suffers as Robert becomes more and more determined to walk again. Speedy confronts Charley with his feelings for her, but she is uninterestes and rejects him, in the kindest way possible. However, Charley's relationship with Robert ends when he decides to join a special hospital unit where he has a higher chance of recovery.

Charley and Speedy become closer friends, although Charley explains that her interest is purely friendship. Speedy seemingly accepts this although after a trip to London it becomes evident that the pair cannot be friends because Speedy is too in love with her.

Charley leaves in the 1992 series to London where she is training to be a nurse. Charley returns in the last half of the series and makes a final farewell to Speedy who has learned to cope with his feelings so that the pair can again be good friends.