Chrissie Van Den Berg: Lyndsey Todd


Chrissie first appeared in episode 12 of the 1991 series and left in the 1992 series. First seen jogging at the river side, Chrissie soon joined the Grovers in their campaign to save Byker Grove from redevelopment. Chrissie's jovial but bossy mannerisms made a firm impression on the other Grovers, espescially Danny. Chrissie was also responsible for bringing Lloyd, the Tai Chi Instructor to the Grove.

In episode 1 of 1992, Chrissie goes with Duncan and Noddy to the mysterious "Winter House" cult / community as part of Duncan's school project. The relationship between Chrissie and another cult member Leah is frequently brought into question, but Chrissie denies any real familiarity with her although she consistently passes messages for Duncan from Leah.

Chrissie's treasured "Razor Skates" are hijacked by PJ (her interest in skating being already established previously) after she is distracted by Marcus during her Tai Chi Session.

Chrissie is eventually and dramatically revealed to be one of the "secret ones" at "Winter House", (just days before Lloyd's true identity is shown) showing neither Duncan nor Leah any compassion in subjecting them to the wishes of the cult and is responsible for trying to manipulate Duncan into accepting the scholarship to Mexico. Chrissie finally leaves on the Pyschandrics bus to Mexico, and is never heard of again.