Dale: Leslie Baines


Dale first appeared as an extra in the 1992 series and became a permanent cast member in episode 3, 1993. He was introduced as Barney's next door neighbour and joined the newly formed Grove band, Grove Matrix.

Dale and Frew collaborated to make the Grovers think that the Queen Mother intended visiting Byker Grove on her royal visit to Newcastle, but they were later exposed by Angel and Geoff.

Further trouble followed for Dale after he suffered an infestation of nits. Charlie, being uncharacteristically sympathetic and helped him to get rid of the headlice. Interference from Leah & Patsy who were their own back on Charlie, wrote a letter to Dale in which she declared her undying love for Dale. Dale was thus confused, made a pass at her and following embarrassment subsequently stayed away from the grove for a spell.

Dale was next invited to join Alfie & Ed in their go-karting competition, asking him to be the driver. Sabotage from a jealous Barney & Frew caused the go-kart to fall apart just before the finish line.

In 1994, Dale becomes somewhat of a comic character. He is the mysterious letter writer who is writing to Uncle Ron at the Byker Post, about problems his fellow Grovers are experiencing. Eventually, tracked down by Alfie he promises to stop writing the letters.

Following an advertisement in a teen magazine, Dale enters a competition to become their 1994 Dream Teen. Anna & Marie wanting a future in fashion design forcefully took over as his manages under the threat that if he didn't accept them, they would reveal all about Uncle Ron. Then they decided that Dale was unsuitable to win, and they persuaded Duncan to take over as his brother.

Dale was recruited to Gary's vigilante group - Grove Patrol, and played a small role in nailing the Runt (terry).

Dale left the series during 1995.