Donna Bell: Sally McQuillan

Donna was one of the original characters in the 1989 pilot series and was retained as a character until thr 1991 series. The first scene with Donna perfectly set the tone for the character, basically Donna was a spoilt brat, capable of great nastiness, but this was largely due to the hurt she felt after her mother had left her.

Donna had an on/off relationship with Cas in the pilot series, and was best friends with Nicola Dobson. Donna took an instant dislike to Julie Warner and the pair often clashed. Donna's dad ran the local pub, the Byker Arms. Donna's dad had a string of girlfriends after Donna's mother left. Donna started to feel threatened after his relationship with girlfriend Lisa developed and there was talk of marriage. Lisa, anxious of Donna's dislike of her, arranged for Donna to do a brief modelling session at a local fashion show. Donna was delighted at the prospect, but it all went wrong after Donna saw the outfit she was expected to model.

Donna went with the other Grovers to camp, and made a decision to contact with her mother. They arranged to meet after she came home, however her mother failed to show up, leaving Donna even more bitter.

Donna often quarrelled with new-comer to the Grove Julie who threatened her position as the centre of attention.

Donna is thrilled to bits when her mum moves back to Newcastle in 1990. The relationship between her mother and father had improved, and as she looks forward to her fifteenth birthday party, she is soon convinced that her parents will get together again soon.

Donna soon causes a rift between her Dad and Lisa, but her attention is distracted by Nicola's Danish boyfriend Jan, who makes Cas seem immature and boring. Donna disregarding her friendship with Nicola, does everything she can to get Jan, and is walking on air when she successfully snatches him off Nicola. For once everything seems to be going right for Donna, but it doesn't last. Her mother disappoints her again and Donna realises that there is no real chance of her parents getting back together. Also, Jan loses interest in Donna and dumps her in favour of Kirsten.

Later in 1990, when Jan and Kirsten return to Newcastle, Donna decides to cause further trouble. She tells Nicola that she and Jan went all the way, and that she now suspected she was pregnant. Donna did her utmost to cause trouble for Jan and Kisten, following them everwhere under the pretense of offering friendship to them both. Nicola is enraged when she learns Donna isn't really pregnant and confronts her publically in the Grove.

Donna and Nicola patch things up in the 1991 series. Donna's faced in a dilema after her father suffers total kidney failure and she proves to be the only suitable donor. After much soul-searching Donna decides to agree to donate a kidney to save her father from the life of an invalid.

Donna leaves Byker Grove soon after mid-way through the 1991 series.