Leanne: Vikki Spensley.


Leanne appeared in the 1997 series of Byker Grove. Leanne had only recently moved to the area and was first taken to the Grove by Brigid. Once there she instantly caught Alfie's attention and Ed's interest in competitons led Leanne and the others to enter "The spacer race" soft drink competiton allowing Leanne to spend some time with Alfie.

Leanne and Alfie's relationship soon blossomed although it was hindered by the fact Leanne wanted their relationship to remain secret so that Brigid wouldn't find out and get upset because of her troubles with Rob and her general mistrust of everyone around her. Leanne and Brigid had become quite close, but Brigid's erratic behaviour, eating and exercise disorder disturbed her a little.

However, Alfie found it difficult to hide his feelings for Leanne when she was around so that the other lads became suspicious but believed that Alfie was too shy to do anything about Leanne, not knowing they were already going out. Alfie couldn't resist a macho boast so he elaborated on the things he and Leanne had got up to whilst Brigid was overhearing, leading her to believe that Alfie had raped Leanne.

Brigid then told everyone what she believed had happened and Alfie was forced to stay away from the Grove and school, and was even questioned by Sian. Ed, however stuck by his friend and insisted Alfie went and sorted things out with Leanne. Leanne was angry that Alfie had lied, but forgave him once she heard that it was alleged he'd raped her. Leanne and Alfie walked hand in hand to the Grove and the situation was then resolved, though Leanne made Alfie admit that he and Leanne hadn't actually done anything.

Leanne later becomes Kevin Keegan's wife in a community play after Alfie's quick tongue lands him in a spot.

Leanne and Alfie's relationship became threatened after Alfie's family planned to move to Manchester. Leanne suddenly became indifferent to Alfie and it was only after he'd spoken to Marion, the Grove's new counsellor that he realised the reason for Leanne's annoyance was that Alfie hadn't told her he'd miss her when he went to Manchester.

It was later revealed that Flora was suffering from a Brain Tumor and Leanne did her best to support the Turnbulls - especially Alfie who was given the hard task of arranging Flora's funeral party.

Leanne and Alfie celebrated their 3-month annivesary by holding a romantic picnic at the bay, only to be disturbed by Ollie and the rest of Network O who were looking for their mysterious Internet contact "Trooper John".