Noddy: Brett Adams


Noddy first appeared in the 1990 series of Byker Grove and left in the 1995 series. The character is best remembered for being the first teenage homosexual in a children's drama.

When Noddy first appeared in Byker Grove, he was a memeber of the Denton Burn's Youth Club, the Byker Grover's hated rivals. Noddy soon joined the Grove, after the Burners run-in with Winston, Kelly and Debbie, where he became friends with Angel, who had only herself became a member recently.

Noddy helped the other Grovers against the threatened closure at the end of the 1991 series.

In 1992, Noddy accompanied Chrissie and Duncan to Winter House where there was a huge fishing lake.

Noddy's friendship with Angel developed nicely, and they went off fishing together regularly. Once at the mysterious Winter House, they were intercepted by members of the Psychandrics cult. Another time all of Angel's brothers and sisters accompanied them.

Noddy helped build and provided the umbrella which was used for the UFO scam against Marcus, and helped the other lads rescue Jemma from breaking in to Winston's dad's warehouse.

Noddy joined the other Grover's in their conflicts with Denton Burns including the ill-fated paint-ball contest where PJ was blinded.

In 1993 Noddy and Angel continued their fishing outing, and were lead to believe that a crocadile was loose in a local waterway. They later found out that the "crocodile" belonged to Gary Hendrix, who took a shine to Angel

Noddy began to fear that he was losing Angel, after he and Duncan spied her kissing with him. Noddy took advantage of Leah's murder night to cause a rift between the pair. His meddling worked and Angel agreed to go out with a him.

Angel was still being tempted by Gary and was quite impressed with his motorbike stories. Noddy competing, announced that he was also in to motorbikes and promised to take Angel for a ride. Angel gets her younger sister Brigid to look after the younger brothers and sisters so she can go off with Noddy on the motor bike he hired.

They both go off joyriding in the grounds of a large house, and have so much time they dont realise the time. Angel realises she only has over ten minutes to get back home before her mother arrives home from work, so Noddy reluctantly agrees to ride on the road. But on the journey they are run off the road by a runaway lorry and Noddy is hospitalised.

The situation worsens after Angel and Terraise are later taken hostage, but the other Grovers arrive, led by a limping Noddy to rescue her.

In the 1994 series, Angel becomes wary of her relationship with Noddy and is hurt by his constant apparent lack of affection. Though, he is very friendly towards her, she begins to doubt if Noddy feels the same as he is very reluctant to be physically close to her.

Noddy and Gary become good friends during this year and Noddy join Gary's Grove Patrol Crime Prevention gang.

Angel's concern is again raised when Noddy starts to take an interest in Amanda and baby Sam who have returned to Byker. Leah, who has taken a dislike to Amanda's return also, aggraviates the situation resulting in a confrontation between Angel and Amanda. Noddy is annoyed with Angel's behaviour and dumps her.

However, despite Amanda's hopes for a relationship with Noddy, the relationship doesn't develope.

Angel and Noddy soon become friends again and Noddy tries to explain his situation to her, but as he is quite cryptic she doesn't understand properly and so can't give him the advice that he had come to rely on.

The reality of Noddy's situation soon becomes aware to Angel after the stories of the cinema incident with Gary become public knowledge at the Grove. Angel is enraged with Charlie's accusations of Noddy's homosexuality, taking them as a personal insult to her, even though she knows in her heart its true. Angel ego is seriously hurt as she realises that Noddy could never have really liked her in the way she wanted and she is also hurt that as he never confided in her. When she first sees Noddy she cruelly rejects him as a freak, who she never wants to talk to again.

However, Angel soon has a change of heart and apologies for her behaviour. Noddy accepts and confides in Angel the depths of his feelings for Gary and the anger he feels towards himself. Noddy goes to see a counsellor who puts him more at ease with his sexuality.

Angel tries to ease the situation between Noddy and Gary, who were previously good friends, but Gary feels too let down as Jemma's death is stil playing on his mind.

Noddy rescues Geoff from the Burning building at the start of the 1995 series, unlike Gary, Noddy shows no second thoughts at rescuing Geoff, proving to Gary he's more of a man than he is, and the pair finally overcome the past and become mates again.

Noddy leaves during the 1995 series.