PJ (Peter Jenkins) : Ant McPartlin

PJ first appeared in the 1990 series and left around episode 8 of the 1993 series. PJ first came to the Grove as a friend of Fraser's. PJ soon got the Grove involved in the world of Pirate Radio - the Grove launched it's radio station "Radio Rocket" in 1990, where PJ and Speedy were the DJ's and Kelly offered advice on a teen angst show.

PJ, Speedy and Robert were responsible for the video recorder being confiscated by Geoff after they had all watched horror fims at the Grove, including over-imaginative Debbie Dobson who suffered from nightmares as a result.

"Radio Rocket" was a great laugh for the Grovers, but it turned sour after Robert had a serious accident and the ambulance Charley phoned took 45 mins to arrive because their radio link was being constantly interrupted by the merry voices of PJ, Kelly, Donna and Nicola. The airwaves "Radio Rocket" interfered with were used by the caring services - PJ and the others involved in Radio Rocket knew what they had done and realised that they'd almost killed Robert.

In 1991 PJ was bursting with his latest scheme which was to be the best magician in the world and he decided to put on a Magic Show - on Fraser's advice he decided it would raise money for Robert's physiotherapy place. PJ and the others also decided they would try and raise some money for a decent memorial for Gill, they would hold an acid house party and sell ticket to raise enough money for the memorial - though there wasn't going to be any real acid as none of them could get any - and none of them knew what it was either!

PJ also led the rest of the younger Grovers in the Ghost Hunt after Debbie spotted a ghostly figure in the half-light at the end of the corridor, and Duncan saw a face at the window of one of the areas of the Grove know impossible to reach. PJ had reckoned that unless the ghosts - or whatever they were - went then no-one would go to the acid house party.

They decided to cunningly place a tape recorder, leave it recording through the night and listen to it the next day. PJ, Debbie, Speedy, Duncan and Jemma played the tape the next day which had recorded strange tappings, heavy breathing and chaotic, sinister laughing.

PJ then got hold of a DFM - an evesdropping machine, which they would use to to catch the mysterious intruder at the Grove. PJ formulated a plan - Speedy and Fraser would be on the inside with one walkie-talkie and Duncan and Jemma would be outside with another. PJ would guide them from room to room checking in advance were their quarry was moving to. They would try to get him cornered in a room they could lock and then call Geoff.

PJ, Duncan and Speedy tested the machine out on the Dobson's house were they listened to every word of Debbie and Jemma's conversation on a topic PJ knew quite well - himself.

After they knew the machine worked they went to the Grove, ready to start the hunt, only to find a huge man going all round the edge of the Grove with a flaming torch! They all met up again later that night - Duncan and Fraser slipped inside the Grove, prowling from room to room with the walkie-talkies, while PJ tracked ahead of them with the DFM. Suddenly PJ heard running feet through his earphones, he relayed instructions to Duncan and Fraser who hunted the feet relentlessly to the top of the building and it turned out that the "Ghosts" were gypsies from the local camp Winston and Kelly had visited.

PJ's idea for a magic show was persued later in the series although it was Duncan who finally became the magician. PJ and the others performed a charity show to raise money for a new colour TV for the local Nursing Home.

PJ and Debbie became good friends in 1991, and PJ became concerned about Debbie after she started acting oddly after she was threatened by Lee who knew she'd seen him sabotage Speedy's bike. PJ, Duncan and Speedy demanded Lee gave Speedy his winnings to buy a new bike and they told Lee to stay away from the Grove. PJ also tried, unsuccessfully with Debbie to persuade Jemma to have no more to do with Lee after they proved his story of a poverty-stricken home-life was lies.

PJ also played a major role in the campaign against the Grove's closure.

In 1992 PJ's DFM machine made a reapperance and he and Speedy listened in at the Girl's toilets - however this time Debbie and Jemma were wiser and along with Angel they taught PJ and Speedy that listeners rarely hear any good about themselves.

After PJ hears from Amanda about Marcus' interest in Flying Saucers, he plots with the other Grover's to construct a "UFO" which will "land" in Marcus and Amanda's garden. They use a pub umberella for the base and paint it silver. Tessa helps to disguise Barney who is the "Martian". However, the plot is ruined after Debbie is extremely provoked by Amanda who is only involved in the whole UFO wind-up to get closer to PJ. Debbie warns Marcus of the plot and he decides to turn to the tables on PJ, Amanda, Tessa, Barney and Winston. He arranges for a "UFO" to "land" in the Garden Shed - the others watch open-mouthed as he enters the Garden Shed which is emitting a eerie light. He disappears from the shed and then mysteriously reappears in the UFO which the Grovers' constructed - leaving the others baffled and amazed.

Later PJ's attention is drawn to Chrissie's Razor Skates and he soon concocts a plan to hijack them - or at least the wheels. He buys an old pair of roller skates and swaps the wheels with the ones on Chrissie's in-line skates as she is distracted by Marcus. As PJ is completing the alterations to his skates, Amanda joins him to help. However the plan goes wrong as PJ's skates have no breaks and PJ ends up in a tangled mess in the bushes with Chrissie screaming after him.

PJ, Winston and Marcus try their luck at UAD (under-age-drinking) in 1992, but the first attempt is a total failure. The second time Marcus formulates a plan and all three walk-in to the pub in disgusies to make them appear older, the plan seemingly works and the barman pours them their "beers" - on the house as they're new customers - the three sit down... sip their drinks...then spit them out in disgust - they were given coke!

PJ becomes concerned about Duncan after he becomes subdued and freaky after spending time with the Winter House Community. PJ later helps Geoff when he rescues Duncan from the clutches of the Psychandrics cult.

During Nicola's wedding, PJ and Debbie become closer and they share their first kiss. The relationship quickly develops - too quickly for Debbie's liking who is a little scared by PJ's advances. Debbie knows what PJ wants, but is indecisive, and scared after PJ meets her in the Grove's cellar with a chinese take-away and a sleeping bag. Further trouble looms - Amanda is continuing her pursuance of PJ, and to Debbie's fury continues to receive his interest. Through her persistence, Amanda is invited to a meal out with PJ at a French restaurant, in Debbie's place - but unfortunately the bill is higher than anticipated, and they are both forced to wash dishes.

On the same night, Debbie, unknowing about PJ's date with Amanda meets him, pledges her love for him and agrees to meet him in the basement of the Grove the next night.

After this PJ invites Amanda to spend the night with him in the basement of the Grove, as he has done with Debbie. Once ther Amanda realises his intentions and turns him down saying, " I am not that kind of girl". But, unfortunately, PJ and Amanda are spotted in there by Debbie after her sister Jemma told her what was happening.

Following this, Amanda and Debbie realise that PJ has been two-timing them both and as such, decide to get one back on him. PJ admits to Duncan how sorry he is to have cheated on Debbie and follows her to Nicola's new house where Debbie has gone to stay for a while. PJ tries to apologise, but Debbie rejects him, explaining that he has hurt her too much for her to ever forgive him.

At the paint-ball contest between the Grovers and Denton Burn, Debbie and Amanda decide to shoot PJ, so that he will be out of the game. Unfortunately, it all goes wrong, as unknown to Debbie and Amanda PJ has taken off his goggles and when they shoot, the paint gets into his eyes, providing the dramatic climax to the 1992 series.

In 1993 PJ returns home from hospital, but he is totally blind. At first he refuses to acknowledge his disability but is eventually forced into accepting his limitations. Duncan is a loyal and supportive friend to PJ, and Amanda does all she can to salvage PJ and Debbie's relationship. However, Debbie is too rattled with guilt to see PJ intially. Duncan tries to help, but after the two spend time together they fall for each other. They meet secretly at the Grove to discuss their situation when PJ walks in - he hears a noise as Duncan leaves the building, but Debbie tells him it's just the wind.

PJ is invited by Duncan to join the Grove's new band: "Grove Matrix", they perform at PJ's 17th Birthday Party, the party is a success until PJ embarresses himself by tipping ice-cream down his front and Fran, unknowing of his blindness laughs at him. He stumbles out into the car park where he crashes into a car, crying, angry at himself, when Debbie takes him into her arms and promises him everything wil be OK. PJ is thrilled that Debbie has come back to him, but his happiness is short-lived, despite her good intentions, Debbie is unable to escape from the fact that she has fallen for Duncan.

PJ suddenly decides to join a special unit education centre in Herford where their specialise in further education for the blind. He leaves around episode 8 of 1993, but is seen again when Debbie goes to visit him towards the end of the series. PJ reveals that he knew about Debbie and Duncan's relationship: "I'm blind - but I can still see what's in front of my face."He offers Debbie good, solid advice on her future plans and is last seen happily joining a basketball game, waving a final goodbye to Debbie.

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