Saturday, May 27, 2006

Website Redesign

Now that I'm working much more closely with the CBDI Forum, this is now a personal website rather than a commercial one. I shall be spring-cleaning the site, removing references to other consultancy products and services, donating some of the material to community websites such as Wikipedia, and generally tidying up.

I've been building this website for ten years, so this might take me a while.


Blogger Kathleen Fasanella said...

Bummer that you don't take comments on BOM. Bill is one of a kind. He had to barbeque Schwartz as a matter of principle lol. I knew that sending him the book would certainly result in some entertainment and he didn't fail to disappoint. I also knew that some of what Schwartz wrote couldn't fail to register. A seed, that's all I was asking for.

I can't recall how I found out about the book but I found it very thought provoking. I also had a problem with all the freudian references and didn't understand those portions well, not having the background. But I try!

3:57 PM  
Blogger Satheesh.J said...

Amazing site.. very good one.. gone thro' every topic .. made me understand the Organizational Behaviour altogether..

Thank you very much.

5:04 AM  

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