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Bruno Latour is a deep and thoughtful writer, who places science and technology into its social context.

Science in Action

We have never been modern

Aramis, or the Love of Technology

Pandora's Hope

Bruno Latour homepage, Ecole des Mines de Paris

Lecture at Tate Gallery London (March 19th 2004) includes webcast archivenew

Bruno Latour's 1st Annual Virtual Society? Lecture at Brunel University

T. Hugh Crawford - An Interview with Bruno Latour - Configurations 1.2

Bridge The Gap?

Presidential Lecture at Stanford

Article: "What Did Giddens and Latour Ever Do For Us?" by Richard Heeks

My first encounter with Bruno Latour was reading Aramis. I liked the book enormously, and I wrote a review that was published in Requirenautics Quarterly.

Since writing and publishing this review, a couple of friends (namely David Iggulden and Tom McMaster) told me that Latour's earlier work is just as good, and I should have started with his Science in Action. This book is indeed also excellent, but rather different in style. Read both - I don't think the sequence matters much.

More recently, I had the privilege to attend a lecture at Brunel University, on April 1st 1998, where Latour offered a controversial, and possibly tongue-in-cheek, analysis of Virtual Reality: "Thought Experiments in Social Science: from the Social Contract to Virtual Society".  I understand that this lecture is included in his book on Paris - the Invisible City, not yet available in English.

book Bruno Latour. Science in Action.

Harvard University Press, 1987.

A careful sociological analysis of what scientists and technologists actually do. buy a copy - uk

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book Bruno Latour. We have never been modern.

Translated by Catherine Porter. Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1993.

Latour is a professor of sociology at the School of Mines in Paris. In this book, he undermines Modernity. 

Follow the link for an enthusiastic review by Nicholas F Daum of Berkeley CA.

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aramis Bruno Latour. Aramis or The Love of Technology.

Translated by Catherine Porter. Harvard University Press, 1996.

A brilliant, original and stylish book, by a deep and thoughtful writer. Describes and analyses the twists and conflicts of a typical R&D project. 
more detailed review
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pandora Bruno Latour. Pandora's Hope.

Essays on the reality of science studies.

Harvard University Press, 1999.

A scientist friend asks Latour: "Do you believe in reality?". Here is his answer. buy a copy - uk

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