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Zero can be a virtue. It can indicate focus, exclusion of unwanted distractions or conflicting objectives, perfection.
Zero Commission Our support staff are not paid any commission for selling you additional stuff. So you can be reassured that they will focus on dealing with your immediate requirements, rather than looking to turn everything into a sales opportunity for us.
Zero Defects Our process is perfect.
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Gregory Bateson once proposed that "it takes two to know one". His preference for doubleness provided us with a desire to emphasize relationships over things. What was two easily forgotten, however, was that double views, double hearings, double acts, and double takes only lead to the relational realization of "things". A distinction between two may be closed (or completed) to become one.

To know two, extending this logic of relationship, necessarily requires the presence of three. Whereas Bateson's double lens paradoxically takes us to "things", a triple somersault is neessary to see relationship. This next big jump moves us from tossing two balls to juggling at least three.

Bradford Keeney, from the preface to Douglas Flemons, Completing Distinctions, Shambala 1991.


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