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the essence of innovation
Why innovate? Without innovation, an organization will experience entropy and death. While some protected organizations can last for extended periods without significant levels of innovation, most must innovate to survive.
What is innovation? Innovation includes technical innovation (products, services, platforms) and social innovation (organizations, markets, institutions). Most successful innovation includes some elements of both.
Innovation blocks New ideas fail to be implemented; requirements, opportunities and customer demands are not heard.  And there is often a disconnect between technical innovation and social innovation.

Some organizations are inefficient and ineffective innovators. They devote huge amounts of resources to some aspects of innovation, but fail to manage the whole innovation process effectively.

Some organizations are reluctant innovators. They accept the need for innovation in general, but it doesn't come naturally. Each specific innovation has to overcome numerous hurdles.

How innovate? Some organizations manage the innovation process better than others. We can help you adopt some key best practices.

veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

Innovation Types

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type definition process industry example software engineering example
Product Innovation inventing new products or devices Discovering a new drug - for example a herb extract with medical properties. Building a wholly new kind of information system, not just another order processing or video store system
Process Innovation inventing new processes Being able to make the drug in the laboratory. Experimenting with component-based development.
Production Innovation changing the system, changing the organization

in other words, institutionalizing the innovation by establishing organizational forms and infrastructures to make the new process flexible and scaleable.

Being able to make large quantities of the drug to high standards of purity from cheap raw materials. Achieving high levels of component reuse across a large organization.

veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

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