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In a Knowledge Management Audit, we can assess the relevance and effectiveness of your knowledge management practices.
Knowledge Strategy Alignment with the demand for knowledge.
Knowledge Assets Differentiation and stratification of knowledge.
Knowledge Capability The use of knowledge (know-how) by people and teams to generate knowledge.
Knowledge Processes The flows and transformations of knowledge between parallel knowledge activities.
Knowledge Organization The organization and governance of knowledge work.
The quality and value of knowledge (and intelligence) depend on relevance.
Knowledge and intelligence that lack relevance can simply add complexity, cost and risk to an organization, without any compensating benefits.

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Knowledge Management Audit

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We identify two key challenges of knowledge management - relevance and effectiveness.
How are the knowledge assets, capabilities and practices of the organization aligned to the demand for knowledge and the contexts in which it is to be used?
How is knowledge work shared efficiently and effectively between multiple knowledge workers and teams working independently in parallel?
How are organization structures and systems aligned to this knowledge work?
Our approach to auditing the two key challenges of knowledge management takes a strategic view of the knowledge capabilities and practices of the organization, in relation to the demand for knowledge. 'Strategy' is considered by us to be not only what-is-intended, but also to emerge as a consequence of what-gets-ignored. Thus in addition to a top-down analysis of knowledge capabilities and practices, we also perform a bottom-up analysis - a detailed look at selected areas of knowledge to identify opportunities for learning and improvement. The combination of top-down and bottom-up enables a detailed review of the alignment between strategy and capability.

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