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challenges elements of intelligence
structure of organization intelligence
How well does the organization collect and process information about itself and its environment?
How well does the organization interpret and understand itself and its environment?
How effective are the (collective) processes of thinking, decisions, policy and action?
How does the organization retain experience in a useful and accessible form?
Learning How does the organization develop and improve its knowledge, capabilities and processes?
Communication How do people and groups exchange information and knowledge? How do they share ideas and meanings?
In an Organization Intelligence Audit, we 
can assess the relevance and effectiveness of your business, management and operational practices.
In an Organization Intelligence Analysis, we 
explore the structural causes of inadequate organizational intelligence..
In an Organization Intelligence Intervention, we 
aim to remove the social and technical barriers to organizational intelligence.
Our notion of intelligence is focused on active and appropriate engagement with what is going on (WIGO), both inside and outside the organization.
Business intelligence is a combination of perception/monitoring and appreciation/sensemaking. (In an earlier version of this model, these elements were not separated.)
Command, coordination and control calls for a combination of reasoning/action and communication.

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