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SCIPIO - adaptive business processes

Service Overview

Business Process Change with Software Components
The SCIPIO Method

This page outlines the services offered by Veryard Projects using the SCIPIO Method.

The SCIPIO method has been developed to integrate current best practice in business process change, workflow management, component-based development, open distributed processing and legacy systems evolution. It is focused on the development and evolution of open distributed business systems.

The SCIPIO method is managed by the SCIPIO Consortium. For more information, please visit the SCIPIO website:

Levels of Service

Level of Service Benefits Approach
The Business Enterprise enhance strategic alignment & advantage via strategic IT assessment, opportunity analysis & planning
The Business Process or Requirement enhance opportunity via process assessment, opportunity analysis, project planning & risk management
The Systems Architecture or Design enhance flexibility via architecture assessment, flexibility analysis & transition planning
The Software Component enhance quality & value-for-money via quality assessment, configuration analysis & procurement planning
The Development Project or Group enhance capability & success via training and method development

Types of Service

Service Type Focus Method
Assessment Market

Business Process


Software Quality

Software Process

Independent Reviews

Self-Assessment Workshops

Analysis Market Opportunity

Architecture / Design / Configuration Flexibility

Planning IT Strategy


Software / Service Procurement

Facilitated Planning Workshops

Procurement Process Management

Management Risk Installation of a Risk Management System using the SCIMITAR method.
Development Software Process Definition

Software Process Improvement

Software Process Integration

Procedure Design Workshops

Procedure Manual Drafts

Training SCIPIO

Business Process Change

Component-Based Development

Training Workshops

Coaching & Mentoring


The definition and delivery of these services involves several members of the SCIPIO Consortium and other associates. Especial thanks to Aidan Ward and Trevor Lea-Cox.

For more information on the SCIMITAR method for risk management, see the Antelopes website:

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SCIPIO - adaptive business processes

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