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It defines HOW to develop IT solutions to business problems and opportunities. It increases the success rate of your projects. Each successful project improves the relationship with end-users within your organization, makes it easier to gain their support and active participation in future projects.

It increases the confidence of your people, enabling them to deal more effectively with business opportunities.

It enables the teams procuring and implementing software tools to focus on aspects of the tool that have a demonstrable effect on your success (e.g. rates of development productivity or component reuse), and not just technological features.


It defines WHY to develop IT solutions. It facilitates the identification and specification of business solutions that can be provisioned using the capabilities and technologies available to you. This increases the Return on Investment you can deliver on the investment your organization has made in these capabilities and technologies.

By providing a clear linkage between business solution and application delivery, Scipio should make it easier to justify further investment in IT capabilities and technologies to business people who may not be impressed with the technological features.


It reorientates and reeducates your IT staff to be able to exploit 1) and 2). It identifies key skills and services, and provides a focus for updating the skills base of your consulting force.

It orients your IT staff towards projects that bring real business added-value to end-users.

It provides a common framework for sharing and reusing ideas and experience from IT staff.


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