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material Much of the time, we are talking about the reuse of software components and related artefacts. However, the reuse agenda extends to many other types of knowledge and intellectual property.
purpose The desired outcome is to achieve economies of scale in software development and management -- thus reuse amounts to a conservation of energy.
form At some level of abstraction, reuse takes the form of the same solution to the same problem.
process Reuse is an exercise in knowledge management.
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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

Challenges of Reuse

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How do we measure the quantity of reuse - and therefore the success of a reuse programme? What precisely are we counting? Should the reuse of a large-grained business object count for more than a small-grained widget?
From the perspective of a specialist software company, or a "software factory" group within a traditional IT department, the challenge is to discover, specify and acquire components that lots of people will want to use.  These users will typically have some diversity of business process and technology, which the requirements analysis must find a way of dealing with.

veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

Principles of Reuse

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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

More Material

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cbdi forum Visit the CBDiForum site for lots more material about software reuse. Silver and gold members should read the July/August issue of Interact, which contains the first part of Lawrence Wilkes' extended report on Component Management and Reuse.
more There's lots more material about Software Reuse on the ComponentSource and Flashline websites.
veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

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