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Trust and Identity Mechanisms for trust rely on simple notions of identity. So what happens when people and organizations have more complex, changeable identities?
Trust and Legacy Is it possible for complex organizations to overcome a legacy of mistrust and betrayal?



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veryard projects > trust > material > recent articles
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Trustworthy Computing We develop a simple maturity model for Trustworthy Computing, and evaluate Microsoft's progress to date. March 2003
Web Service Security Microsoft and IBM are currently pushing different notions of trust and security. Microsoft is appealing to a model that harks back to the Fortress Mainframe of the 1960s, while IBM is developing a radically different model that appeals to biological rather than military metaphors. CBDi Forum Interact

Jan 2002

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CBDi Forum
Trusting Components The shift towards components and web services, and the increased separation between the producer and the consumer of a component or service, puts a growing emphasis on questions of trust. If we canít trust components and services from external sources, how can we expect and ensure adequate security in the businesses and systems that use these services? In this report we examine the security and trust aspects of business interchange using components and web services, mainly from the consumer/procurement standpoint. CBDi Forum Interact

April 2001

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CBDi Forum

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