The Blue Bell, Geda

SubmitterJarold W. Holland-Hibbert
Submission Date22 Jun 1998
ReferenceGeda p8, [18] The Blue Bell
Inn NameThe Blue Bell
LocationGeda, Chybisa
Propieter:Petry of Losk

Synopsis:The Blue Bell is situated near the base of the Geda pier making it a popular stop for bargemen and other river borne traffic. The inn is also popular with many townfolk and has a well deserved reputation for drunken brawls and the availability of prostitutes. The name of the inn originates from a river barge once owned by the original owner. A simple blue bell hangs from a peg above the main door of the inn and is sounded whenever a vessel docks at the pier.


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Inn floorplans (cellar, groundfloor, second floor) 17Kb

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