Fardan of Oxmar

Name: Fardan of Oxmar

Sex: Male

Age: 51

Occupation: Captain of the "River Runner"

Guild Status: Master (Captain) of Seaman's Guild

Class: Freeman, Burgher of Eshaple

Submitted by: Jonathan M Davidson

Frequents: The Fox and Duck Inn, Hamedar, Shorkyne

Appearance: Despite his greying hair and wrinkled, tanned skin, Fardan gives the impression of being a man younger than his real years. Though this is partly his personality, it is also the superb muscle tone from constant exercise. He is quite tall and strongly build, he is very badly scared on his left arm due to an ancient rope-burn. He is also missing a few teeth from his earlier bar-room brawling days.

Clothing: When on board ship he wears the standard blue buckram tunic preferred by his crew, with a broad black belt, sandals and a wide brimmed hat. He always has a sheathed dagger at his side (he claims that it is "a lesson I learned when young", pointing to his arm). As soon as he arrives at the Fox and Duck Inn he changes in to more refined clothes, normally in worsted wool and fine silks.

Equipment: Fardan does not have a lot of equipment. As noted he wears a broad leather belt from which hangs a dagger and a coin-purse. Other than that he keeps his equipment stowed aboard the "River Runner".

Weapons: He carries a dagger, and his is also skilled with a short sword. He is very skillful with unarmed combat and improvised weapons, due to a long life of brawls and insolent crew.

Personality: Fardan has a very open and sparkly personality. He is also very adaptable being quite comfortable in the company of his rough sailor crew, or a lady of high-standing. When he isn't on his boat most mistake him for a noble or cleric.

Home: Fardan maintains a small house in Eshaple, but his true home is his boat.

History: Fardan has had an eventful history, but has not mixed with any of the main political events of the region. He knows all there is to know about the river trade on the Es over the last four decades.

Skills: Fardan is a skilled sailor and pilot, his speciality naturally being the river Es and small boats. He is also a mean weather loreist and haggler, seldom do his customers get as good a deal as they thing they are.

Combat: Fardan prefers to avoid combat if at all possible. When in combat he likes to disarm oppoinents and if that fails to close in and grapple or pummel them into submission. If face by a highly armed / armoured foe he will simply surrender.

Remarks: The "River Runner", his 36ft Talbar, make the run between the city of Eshaple and the castle of Meshare on a once per tenday basis. Hamedar is the mid way point. He stops at the "Fox and Duck" on the first of each tenday on the way up river and on the fifth and sixth on the way down. His regular visits mean that Sarand reserves a Private room [18] for him. He rarely misses this time table, and when he does he normally arrives exactly a week late. He trades mainly furs down river and wines and spirits upriver (he is the principle supplier of Sarand), but he is always willing to carry cargo for others. Since he is the most regular (if not the fastest) connection between Mershare and Eshaple he frequent carries notes and small parcels for a small fee. These posts are left with the pilot's guildhall in Eshaple, and with the constable of Mershare castle. The recipients are expected to know to collect them, themselves.

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