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Dewch yn Ddysgwr.
Dechreuwch ddysgwr siarad yr iaith y nefoedd heddiw.
Cymdeithas Gymreig Maesbedr / Petersfield Welsh Society Become a Dysgwr.
Start learning to speak the language of heaven today.


Tudalennau 'r Dysgwyr - Welsh Learners' Pages

Welsh has an undeserved reputation for being hard to learn, especially amongst those who have never tried. Many people feel daunted when they see road signs in Welsh showing place names spelt with few or even no vowels and all those double D's, double L's, double F's and W's. The truth of the matter is that vowels are there, Welsh has a different alphabet and English speakers are not used to treating certain letters as vowels.

English is a difficult language to learn, with many letters and combinations of letters (known as dipthongs) representing more than one sound in the language. Look at the range of different sounds represented by the letters ‘ough’ in bough, cough, tough, through, though, thought, borough. Whilst this kind of thing does occur in Welsh it is very much less frequent. Welsh spelling is largely phonetic. Once you are used to the sounds of the letters (some are different to English) you will be well on the way to being able to correctly pronounce new Welsh words without having heard them before.

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