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General Sites kingdom
A great site; much here about any aspect of history, plus books, university departments and more.
A general historical site with the slant on popular material, treats much like heritage; good pictures and maps. ~gail/
Site for monarchs of England. A simple site with some fine details about monarchs, with portraits.
Institute of Historical Research. You can spend hours on this site. It contains a lot of valuable information, plus an efficient search engine for data throughout the world.
Historical Association web site.
The Time Team page, with an interesting site and great chat page. /homepage.html
A primary source site with links to primary documents from through out Europe.

 Army and Warfare
An Armv site dealing with all aspects of modern British Armv and its role in past wars Contains both government and individual sites.
http://www.stud.ifi -oddharry/dsfmc/milhist.html
Site with links to many others.
Good site run by the English Civil War Society with a tour around a civil war encampment, details of regiments and weapons and links to other sites. ~novar/listings.htm
A listing Site of all re- enactment groups in the UK and abroad. /history/
On line help and links to their CD rom series.


Information about fortresses and castles.
Welsh Castles.

Medieval History

A superb site dealing with Saxon, Viking and Norman history and earlv medieval social history in particular. Also useful for a virtual Saxon village.
Gothic Dreams - a site for links to aspects of medieval art and architecture.

 Renaissance and Reformation
Canadian site for the studv of the Reformation. Excellent primary source site for Luther.
Renaissance site.

Victorian History
Victorian site with good material and links elsewhere.
Site with good deal on WW I and 19th British history information, including Chartism.

 World War I
Site with good deal on WW I and 19th British history information, including Chartism.

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