Sempringham Studies

Sempringham Studies have a skilful blend of narrative and analysis.

‘… attractively laid out … there is a clear logic to the books … If you are looking for topic books that will appeal to all your students, then do check out these books. Sempringham Studies, carefully structured for teachers and students, are strongly placed to meet the needs of the new A Level in 2000. At the very least, your Library should have them.'

(Review by the History Department, Mark Rutherford Community College.)


Germany 1916-1941 by E.J. Feuchtwanger

140pp. 5 maps. 15 tables. 10 illustrations. 6.50

Written by a foremost academic authority, chapters cover Background: Imperial Germany, The First World War and Revolution, Weimar, The Destruction of Democracy, The Third Reich and Foreign Policy.

'… [a] well written and accessible study of Germany under Weimar and Hitler. Sixth form students will find it a real boon.' Teaching History

'Germany 1916-1941 is a point of first contact with serious History … E.J. Feuchtwanger should be congratulated.' Dr Martyn Housden


Russia 1917-1941 by Martin McCauley

122pp. 4 maps. 8 tables. 11 illustrations. 6.50

Strong on analysis, this concise text, written by a leading authority on Russia, includes chapters on Russia in 1917, Revolution and Civil War, Stalin, Economic and Social Change and Foreign Policy.

'… ideal for both the teacher and student … a "must" for the young student of Russian History.' Tim Machin, A-Level Teacher


Britain 1916-1940 by Andrew Thorpe

108pp. 3 maps. 14 tables. 13 illustrations. 6.50

A lively and well-pitched account that will even engage unenthusiastic students. Carefully structured to further understanding, chapters include Overview and Issues, War and its Aftermath, Party Governments, National Governments, Social and Economic Change, Foreign Policy and Historiography.

'… A stimulating, accessible, imformative little book: easily the liveliest and most useful text on the period.' Audrey Turner, Colbayns High School.


Italy 1915-1940 by Philip Morgan

89pp. 5 tables and 16 illustrations. 6.50

A triumph of concision and clarity without oversimplification, chapters include Italy before 1922, Mussolini and the Fascist Movement, Fascism in Power, The Fascist State, Foreign Policy and Historiography.

'… an immensely enjoyable book. Complex issues are presented in a way that is immediately accessible to A-Level students.' Alf Wilkinson, new perspective


Eastern Europe 1918-1953 by Paul G. Lewis

122pp. 5/6 maps. 18 tables and illustrations. 6.50

Comprehensive surveys are notably rare of the East European states which run from the Baltic to the Balkans and which have played such an important part in recent history. Nobody, teacher or student, whose interests cover these states can afford to ignore this book. Chapters include State Building and Problems of National Democracy in the 1920s, The 1930s - The Resurgence of German Power, Stalin's Victory, 1943-1953.

'Throughout, local detail is combined with global perspective in an interesting and authoritative way.' new perspective

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