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Dan "Inflict" Haigh


Name:                          Daniel Lewis Caton Haigh

Born:                           5/12/80

Current situation:            Living with darling girlfriend Eleanor "Dunan" Karney in a flat in London.

Education:                    Currently attending Middlesex University, studying Computer science.

Hireability:                    I have worked as a level designer, for the most part in my spare time, for many years now. It is one of a few things that I really enjoy in my life. I have an extremely large passion for architecture, which grows everyday. I have a *great* passion for games, and have the philosophy that if someone has worked hard at something then it’s definitely worth checking out. I try to appreciate and take inspiration from all forms of creativity… especially within the games industry. At the moment I basically live for thinking up, designing and then creating awesome environments.

                                    I am very committed to level design and don’t have a problem working to deadlines. Working with others is most definitely a very useful process that I enjoy and is an environment that I strive in. I say bring on the 3 weeks living in the office, living off pizza crusts while developing a personal state of lycanthrope :)

                                    My level designing ability is now quite solid, as I said above, I have been doing it for some time now. However even now I still don’t have the time I need in order to create truly great levels. What I’m basically trying to say is that all the work I have done so far has been in my spare time, if you though that was ok, wait till I’m sat behind a desk and told that its now my job to create something truly badass…


Hey Its Dan "Inflict" Haigh here of Lethargy soft.
We're the ones that did Oblivion for Q2 that was released a couple of months back on the UK edition of PC Gamer...

After seeing Doom for the first time I knew that I had to learn how to develop computer games. It just happens that I picked the avenue of level design over programming or pure art… I’m a very creative person and I generally feel unfulfilled if I’m not creating. For me games are currently the best medium for being completely creative with. Back at the start of my interest I saw level design as having the strongest overall effect / control on what a game was and how it looked and played, and so I found myself a copy of DCK and began to learn :)

I turned out hundreds of Doom2 maps, and gradually learnt the art of level design. As technology moved on I progressed onto Duke Nukem 3D, for which I also created many single player maps. You’ve just gotta love that “build” engine :). Then when “Quake” came out I just couldn’t believe how cool it was, it totally blew me away. As soon as it came out I was hankering for the editor / tools. I remember using an *uber* early version of THRED which wouldn’t even save the entities to the .map file so you had to re-do them each time you wanted to compile… Once I’d started creating 3D architecture I just got addicted, even walking down the street I’d see everything divided into brushes… I just loved it. Anyway I kept on mapping for Quake1 and then decided to form my own team with a close friend and fellow mapper Alex “MonkeyDonut” Gingell. Anyway to cut a long story short, “Lethargy Software” was formed. We did “Alien Quake” … and then our first biggie “Deaths Dominion” for Quake. This was a large level pack using the entities from the “Scourge of Armagon” mission pack… You gotta love func_rotate_trains :). Then Quake2 was released… I did a few SPQ maps but then I came up with the idea of doing a full mission pack and “Oblivion” was born. Lethargy, a team of around 8, then began the painful and *long* development of this pack. Finally Oblivion was released on the UK edition of PC Gamer and the net release should be available now http://www.planetquake.com/lethargy . I did a large volume of organising and level design for this project and was very pleased with the final outcome.

Now Q3A has come out, well what can I say?… Pleasure overload… :). I’ve done two maps for Q3 so far, “The Malevolent Cathedral” and “The House of The Desolate” both of which are available on this page. Now I have been snagged by the “Rocket Arena 3” team and am currently working on that… That’s about it! :)


Games designed for:    



                                    Duke 3d









Music tastes: All powerful emotional music… Metal, jazz, blues etc. Pantera are great… As are Rage A.T.M as are the Deftones…

Food: Chinese, Pizza, Burger, Steak, Roast meat… no green stuff… etc.

                                              Film: Film is where my other passion lies… I love just about all kinds of visual entertainment.