The Liberator.

VOL 1 William Lloyd Garrison and Isaac Knapp, Publishers. No. 22.

Boston, Massachusetts. Our country is world-our countrymen are mankind. Saturday, May 28th, 1867.

They fought for their freedom so end slavery now!


Yesterday the American civil war ended after Six long years of fighting over the freedom of slavery to the black people of America

It is estimated that 620,000 Americans died in the war. 360,000 Northern army soldiers died and 260,000 Southern army soldiers died in the war. All of the country is said to have lost either a relative or a friend in the war as it is said to have been one of the bloodiest wars that America has ever fought in. It is said that in all the wars that America has fought in, if you add them all together it is still less than what died in the war which has just ended.

These are scenes from the start of the Civil war.

The 54th Massachusetts was an infantry regiment of all the people in the Massachusetts area who all combined to fight a group of men from the Southern states. This was lead by a guy named Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. When he died he was threw into a hole with all the black people to be buried.

The black people like the slaves went against most of their owners in the hope of freedom from slavery. Some of the slaves were so brave in the war that they were given honourships even

What the white people thought?

This is an interview with a white ex slave owner called Steven Cigar. I asked him what he felt like after finding out that he had lost his slave and he said "I donít really know how I will cope as I have had a slave to do all the work for me but I suppose I will have to learn to wash and cook. This is another interview with another white ex slave owner. He said " I just donít understand why they would not want to stay as one happy nation and to be honest Iím not very happy in hearing that Abraham Lincoln has been elected as the President of the United States."

The scenes after the war.

After the war the scenes couldnít have looked any worse as the people have been killed in the hundreds of thousands and at least a third of the white Americans were killed in the war

The picture below shows the gruesome effects that the war has caused.

How the blacks were treated by the Southern Army.

The blacks were treated very badly as one of the causes of the American civil war but most people donít see why they were treated differently as they proved in the war that they could fight as good as any white person could. They were treated like they were just animals that werenít worth the time or day of.

The thoughts of the black people after the end of slavery.

Here is an interview with an ex slave called Wasim and we asked him what it was like to be freed and he said " Iím happy that Iím free and I just hope that if I ever see my family again that they are safe and sound."


We at "The Liberator think that in the end the ex slaves deserve to be freed from the pain of slavery. I do think that as the slaves have been allowed back to their owners and are being given the chance to have their own house and a plot of land that they still would be crazy if they were to go back to them after all that they have had to go through.