The Story.

Today, the peasant leader Wat Tyler and his followers met King Richard at Smithfield, in London. By the end of the day Tyler lay dead and the revolt was over.
When Wat Tyler & King Richard met face to face for the 2nd time, King Richard asked Wat Tyler "What do you want" Wat Tyler replied, & walked forward slightly then the Mayor stabbed him in the back. After that event the King said "I will be your leader. Follow me from this city and you will come to no harm. Return in peace to your villages" So the peasants agreed.
But soon after the Kings soldiers came to the villages and hung the people fought in the battle.

The Editorial
Peasants' Revolt was a English uprising of 1381 led by an ex-soldier named Wat Tyler. Its immediate cause was popular resentment over the poll tax. Wat Tyler & his troops stormed into London on June 13 and, after much looting and killing, forced King Richard II to make several concessions. The rebellion was crushed after Tyler was struck down by mayor of London (William Walworth) during negotiations on June 15. The peasants were later executed.

Interviews with:

I)King Richard:
The peasants are the traitors, I tried to reason with them but they could not be trusted. What did I do wrong to be attacked by Tyler and his army? Nothing is the answer so they were punished.

II) The Peasants:

The King thinks we are the traitors? I don't think so. he is the traitor, he said "Return to your villages and no harm will come to you" so we did . two days later many were executed. I have one thing to say  who is the traitor? 

By Michael Davies