I am an English person

I was very tired after walking 200 miles to fight in the battle of Hastings against the Norman's.  Our king was hit in the eye, all the English gave up but why but why I ask myself there was more of us. I am disappointed and extremely let down. Not long after the battle we were all working again. Four years later William had this idea of destroying the north of England to try and show us who was boss, when he destroyed the north our homes went to ruins and our crops some of the villages never recovered from this. It is very unfair us English as the Norman's call us serfs have to do all the work we pay taxes fight in all the wars. What more does he want off us we have no freedom I can not leave there is no where to go.

By Zara Rogers


Hello, I am a Norman .I feel very powerful after killing the English king. The king thought he was boss but we proved him wrong. We all expected a reward but we never got one. Our king has lots of money to build castles, get new weapons and build some new armies.

At Battle of Hastings there were 7,000 Normans and many more English. The Normans won because we had to march 200 miles to England.

It was great idea to build castles because it is good for defence and attacking enemies. The Feudal System was a good idea for our king William because he got loads of money from the taxes. Our King is full of ideas especially The Domesday Book. This will help to raise more money for the King.

By Martyn Cunningham