Author of The Wolf Border, Sarah Hall. For the Guardian
Karen Hester of Adnams Brewers. For the Financial Times.
Billboard poster for Essex Police Federation at Colchester station.
Author Helen MacDonald, The Guardian.
Victoria Pooley, Financial Times
Far East Partnership, Community Finance
Blickling Hall, Cornerstone magazine
Feature on the Kennel Club for the Times' Eureka magazine
Stott Hall farm, stranded in the middle of the M62. Each day 90,000 vehicles pass by.The Times
On Blackpool beach Independent - front page
Adnams brewing room - Eyewitness, The Guardian
MIddleton Hunt, Daily Telegraph, front page
King Nick Copeman, New British Royalty - Brand Republic
Nigel Dowdney, local shop campaigner - The Guardian
PC Ali Livingstone - Police Review
Honeybee on a tulip, Eyewitness - The Guardian
Last of the marshmen - The Sunday Review
Comic Linda Smith, Daily Telegraph - front page
Artist Emily Mayer and her mouse beard
A farmers pigs are given an ASBO, The Times - front page
Calvin Party - CD Cover
Colin McCarthy CEO Warehouse Express - Financial Times
International students prospectus - Cambridge University