A Romanian car wash worker being questioned by police about minimum wage violations.
Plough Monday service, Ramsey, Huntingdonshire.
Policing Poundland.
St George's Day celebrations, Mablethorpe.
England: private property, not a play area, some shrubbery and Indian dream catcher.
Keepin' it Country.
The Market Trader's Lunch.
Chelsea Pensioners, Grantham.
Sunday Market Trader.
New England, Peterborough.
St Nicholas' Tavern.
The Manningham Woodhouse Angel.
Shift Change.
Supermarkitecture & Morality.
St George's Day.
Pubic Toilet, Margate,Kent.
Speak English Or Fuck Off
Tesco Christ.
Traveller's Funeral, Alrewas, Staffs.
Clacket Lane Services, Surrey.
Vigil Outside Abortion Clinic, Belfast.
35 Engineer Regiment Homecoming Parade, Essex.
Little Chef,Markham Moor, Notts.
Pathfinder Refuser, MIddlesborough.
Dawn Train to London.
Heritage Day, Norfolk.
Battle of Britain Teatowels, Stroud.
Empty Shops.
Salvation Army Shop.
The Market Trader.
The Flower Queens.
The Ageing Skinhead.
England, Love it or fuck off.
The New Homeless.
Street Preacher's Bible, Leicester.
King's Lynn Mart.
Newsagents Advert.
M1 Motorway Services.
Woman on a split shift.
Discount UK.
Ladislav Stojka, election of a Gypsy king.
The Money Lender's Boy.
The red, the white and the blue - Every Little Helps.
Royal Wedding Mural.
Southend on Sea, Essex.
Royal Wedding Celebrations.
Woman in a care home.
Barnsdale Bar, South Yorkshire.
Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.
Street Auction, Swaffham, Norfolk.
Anlaby Road, Hull.
Third Prize.
The funeral of Private Lewis Hendry.
King's Cross Commuter.
Joy Tomkins & her living will tattoo.
Doorstep moneylending advertisement in a newsagent's window.