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ccf.jpg (13738 bytes)Continuous Cover Forestry

Rodney Helliwell

During 1999, Rodney Helliwell produced a small booklet describing the concept and practice of Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF). This introductory booklet is still available from the author and is especially recommended for those that are new to the subject of CCF.

The booklet is divided into the following paragraphs:

Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF). Published 1999. A5 sized booklet, 24 pages.

Available direct from Rodney Helliwell. Send cheque or postal order for 3.00 (3.50 outside UK) to:
  • Rodney Helliwell, Yokecliffe House, West End, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, DE4 4EG. England.

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