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biddle.jpg (20370 bytes)Tree Root Damage To Buildings

P.G. Biddle

This book discusses the complex subject of trees in relation to buildings. It provides a comprehensive analysis of how the interaction of trees, soils and water can cause foundation movement and damage to properties. Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 19 offer an excellent general introduction to tree & root physiology, soil structure and trees and the law.

The book is divided into two volumes, and can only be purchased as a complete set. A description of each chapter is available on the Willowmead website (see link below).


Tree Root Damage To Buildings by P.G. Biddle. Volume 1: Causes, Diagnosis and Remedy. A4 size, 376 pages. Colour photographs, diagrams etc. Volume 2: Patterns of Soil Drying in Proximity to Trees on Clay Soils. A4 size, 300 pages. Colour photographs, diagrams etc. Two Volume set. ISBN 0-9533086 0 X. Published in 1998 and only available from Willowmead Publishing Ltd, Icketon Road, Wantage, OX12 9JA.

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