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Tree Preservation Orders : A guide to the law and good practice.

This guide sets out the Government's policy advice on the tree preservation order system. It outlines the law as it currently stands in England, taking into account the Town and Country Planning (Trees) Regulations 1999 which came into force on 2 August 1999.

Although this guide is aimed at local planning authorities,  it is an essential reference tool for all those involved with the tree preservation order system.

Sections VI, VII, VIII, IX and X of the DoE Circular 36/78 Trees and Forestry are now cancelled. The older DETR publication, Tree Preservation Orders: A Guide to the Law and Good Practice (1994) is also cancelled.

The guide is divided into the following chapters:

The contents of this document are available as a bound document direct from the DETR. Alternatively the contents can be viewed directly on the DETR web site. However, the terms of copyright allow for the reproduction of this document in any form providing the contents are not changed and its source is acknowledged. So, as a service to arboriculturists the document is now available as a Microsoft Word file for direct down load from the AIE site and subsequent printing on your own printer. Please note the file is over 300kb in size and will take 2-4 minutes to download.

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