Deep in the Savernake Forest

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Like a great lumbering triffid this ancient Oak tree (Quercus rober) was spotted wandering along the A346 road approximately 3 miles south of Marlborough, England.


The photographs were taken within a section of woodland called the Savernake Forest which contains a mixture of tree species and a number of ageing veterans.


The circumference of the tree measured 10.8m (at a height of 1.5m, March 2000).






savernake_1.jpg (42008 bytes)Ganoderma fungal fruiting brackets and cavities can be found in several places. Foliage is scarce and judging by the pruning wounds its encountered some form of reduction process.

A little management on the neighbouring trees would provide an increase in light and space for further growth.




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It will be interesting to see how the highway engineers deal with its encroachment into the road in years to come.






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