Gnome ToDo is a simple reminder program that gives countdowns to user specifed events.

The events specified can either be a simple countdowm, an alarm clock where a popup window is displayed or the event can be given to the shell and executed, be warned though all output from commands run this way are lost, it is up to you to redirect output.

Current Version

0.1 - Initial release - 23-May-2001.


Gnome-ToDo is released under the terms of the GNU GPL



Known Bugs

  • Quirky behaviour on exit if you haven't given the current task list a file name (i.e. saved it).

  • Exit from the file menu and the Quit button don't actually do the same thing.

  • No error checking is done when task lists are loaded, if you open a file that has is not in the correct format Gnome-ToDo will quite happily insert the crap into it's task list then generally fall over. If this happens you may well have to delete ${HOME}/.gnometd/config as this will more than likely contain the filename of the incorrect format file.

  • When a task is set to executable a process is forked to run this job in the background, at the moment defunct processes are left behind when the job finishes, my understanding was that setsid() should sort this out but this appears not to be the case.


Feedback and bug reports welcome


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