Deconversion stories from The Skeptical Review

David Friesen

I have always had a philosophical disagreement with the premise of a religion that has a reward system that is based on faith and not the true spirit of a person. Frankly, I find the whole notion to be so lacking in true justice that I'm appalled. Thanks to The Skeptical Review, I now have factual resources at my disposal to help me debate the many Christians who are a part of my everyday life. You have no idea how much this has benefited me psychologically.

I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian home and was forced to endure unimaginable psychological abuse because of the extremely "hardline" Christianity that my parents enforced. I was constantly reminded that my rebellious nature was "as the sin of witchcraft." I was brought to endless numbers of "revival" meetings and "crusades." Even now, my parents dare to say that the blood of other people will be on my hands because I'm willing to share my skepticism.

I want to arm myself with as much knowledge as you can give me, so I am hereby sending you a check for Prophecies: Imaginary and Unfulfilled and also the Geisler-Till Debate and as many back issues as this money can go to. I believe skepticism to be the most humanitarian point of view. May our children live in a world free of superstitious nonsense.

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