Deconversion stories from The Skeptical Review

Tom Brookman

Another Satisfied Ex-Christian...

I discovered your magazine at the Internet Infidels site and found it to be exactly what I've been looking for. I live in a part of the country which is almost completely dominated by the bibliolatrous mindset. Your publication will be a great resource. Please put me on your subscription list. I'm sure I'll renew when my first year is up. I am probably in one of the smallest minorities in the world. I was raised by atheist parents and attended the Unitarian Universalist church. My parents taught me to respect science and skeptical thought from an early age. For a brief time in my late teens, I attended a fundamentalist church at the behest of a girlfriend. I actually became "born again" for all of three months, but the members of that church made a large mistake: they insisted I now needed to study the Bible. Study it I did and found so many ridiculous and unbelievable things I began to feel embarrassed that I had been "suckered" into this bizarre belief system. I then began to attend more liberal churches and gradually fell away from Christianity altogether. After an exploration into eastern religions and some new age beliefs, my skeptical inclinations have won out. I feel I've come full circle. I now consider myself to be Scientific Pantheist and am happier than I ever was when under the delusion of religious belief. I love debating "fundies," and I find your magazine to be loaded with great information. Keep up the good work.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Day in and day out, I read the messages that Christians post on the internet in their efforts to defend the Bible, and a recurrent theme in their postings is that life is meaningless without "God," but what we hear from those who have experienced life from both sides of the "god issue" does not agree with the gloom-and-doom view of theists who think that life can have no meaning without a god. Mr. Brookman is just one more witness to dispute this often-repeated claim.

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