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I want to thank you for being courageous enough to speak the truth and willing to take the time to do so. Until four months ago, I was a hard-headed fundamentalist, certain that I had all the answers. I'm sure my friends and family would have voted me least likely ever to become an agnostic. Indeed, no one was more surprised than I when I did so. You mentioned in TSR that computers will hasten the demise of Christianity. They certainly did so in my case. I started writing on a secular humanist bulletin board with the intention of converting those "poor souls" who didn't have the truth. At the least, I would be able to say to God that I'd done my part in spreading his word. In the end, they ended up converting me!

The case against Christianity is airtight. No one who is aware of the evidence can honestly go on believing the lie that Christianity is. Unfortunately, Christians, even intelligent, scientific, studious Christians, aren't aware of the truth. When I did find out the truth, I went through the stages of grieving: first denial, then intense sadness, then intense anger at having been so deluded, and then the best stage, acceptance. Now that my eyes are open, now that I can look at what the Bible actually teaches, I would never want to go back to blind faith. The God of the bible is a hateful God, a lying, untrustworthy God.

Again, please keep up the good work. When you are talking to Christians, it must seem as if you are talking to a brick wall. Some of my agnostic/ atheist friends said they felt that way when they talked to me. But truth cannot be denied. And even brick walls can be penetrated by truth.

Please send a copy of your newsletter to my fundamentalist friends (names and address given).

Thank you very much.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a letter that hardly needs comment, except for my expression of delight at Anon's awakening to rational thought. I suspect that fundamentalist Christianity is going to suffer the loss of many such people in coming years. In the Spring 1995 issue of TSR, letter-writer Herschel Davis ridiculed me for saying that the personal computer would hasten the demise of fundamentalist Christianity (p. 12), but in Anon's story we have an example of what Bible fundamentalists will have to contend with in the future. There was a time when the truth about the Bible could have been suppressed and kept from such people, but that is no longer possible. The information age offers very little for Bible fundamentalists to be optimistic about.

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