Deconversion stories from The Skeptical Review

Walt Noble

I really look forward to your Skeptical Review each quarter and am excited to receive all of your past issues on disk. Your work is commendable. After over 50 years of religious entrapment, all it took for me to get shocked off my biblical inerrancy perch was two days into Thomas Paine's Age of Reason four years ago. Since then, I've read all issues of Dennis McKinsey's Biblical Errancy, the past 2 years of your Skeptical Review, Steve Allen's Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality, plus a couple of dozen more books on atheism, deism, agnosticism, etc.

I became involved in Mormonism at age 22 in 1961 and spent 22 years involved as an Elder and finally a High Priest. Then, due to some B.A.C. friends of mine, I "saw the light," left Mormonism, became an active anti-Mormon, B.A.C., and spent the next nine years on a crusade to win Mormons from Mormonism to the real "true faith," i.e., born- again Christianity. What a trip it has been for my family and me! We all together (my wife and I and our nine children) came out of Mormonism in 1982; then in 1991 came out of religious nonsense entirely. I consider myself a free thinker-agnostic, who has finally been completely rid of religion/superstition/ ignorance.

Thanks to you and the others I mentioned, I can really enjoy my newfound freedom. Please let me know if I can be of any service to you in any way.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Needless to say, this is the kind of letter we like to receive. It suggests that rationality is gaining a stronger foothold in the land. A paperback edition of Paine's book Age of Reason can be purchased for only $5 from Stephen VanEck, Route One, Box 62, Rushville, IN 18839-9702. A free sample copy of Biblical Errancy can be obtained by writing to Dennis McKinsey, 3158 Sherwood Park Drive, Springfield, OH 45505 or e-mail klo_mckinsey@k12.mec.ohio

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